ABA Makes Fenway's Bleacher Bar Vanish Into Thin Air!

If you're a Red Sox fan then you've probably seen the mysterious rectangle out in center field that is part of the "Green Monstah". What you may not know is that hiding behind that green "garage door" is a restaurant and bar called The Bleacher Bar. The Bar features a large, floor to ceiling window which enables customers to view the game at field level while they eat and drink to their heart's content.

The Bleacher Bar's owners originally approached ABA and challenged them to come up with a visual solution that would create one-way viewing from the bar to the field. It had to color match the Green Monster exactly, be completely opaque to the players on the field, and most of all, last through brutally hot summers and frigid winters.

ABA selected Contra Vision® Performance™ perforated window film with its 40% transparency and ease of application. Albert Basse’s production department made sure that the ink used in the printing process was a dead match to “Green Monster Green" and onto ABA's large format screen presses the Contra Vision® materials went.

According to Ed Basse, ABA's VP of Marketing and Sales, ‘We met all of the Bleacher Bar team's mandates of creating a crystal clear view from The Bleacher Bar, with the wall still looking solid from the field.  It's pretty cool to watch the games and know that we played a part in creating a new aspect of legendary Fenway Park."

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